I'm a little old school...

Softball Princess Tween Session

Softball Princess Tween Session

I remember the days of film in little plastic cylinders, squinting at tiny proofs, holding strips of negatives to the light and plastering my mirror with pictures of my friends. The days before digital when sifting through shoe boxes of old photos was a siren's song that could steal away a sun-filled afternoon and I wouldn't even miss it.

We will never walk past our hard drives and get swept away by nostalgia. Kids don't shuffle past thumb drives in the junk drawer and feel compelled to crawl into our laps so we can tell them how life was forever changed when they entered the world. The rainbow shine of a disk won't inspire our friends to laughter and remember-whens, or give our neighbors a glimpse of the love we feel might just be big enough to burst our very seams.

Life is amazing and fleeting. Life is about experiences and relationships. Walk away with something to connect over. A way to launch conversations with those you love and those you've just met. Give yourself a daily reminder of how you are unique and why that is something to preserve and treasure.

Then again, maybe I'm a little old school.

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